Jordan Brace

Marketing Specialist

Internal Affairs

In 2014, I started a record label called ‘Fro Fresh Entertainment which led me to recognise a common and rather large issue among independent musicians. Good business and marketing practices were either ignored or not known. Therefore, at the beginning of 2015, I began a music marketing blog called Internal Affairs which aims to enlighten independent artists about the topics of marketing and business.

Throughout the Internal Affairs website, there is a concentration on content which encourages enthusiastic and determined readers to join the mailing list. The mailing list has grown substantially since the blog was established, where I invite new subscribers to email me their problems, which I respond to an answer. Many of those that email ask if I have a book or other learning material that they could purchase and read. Therefore, I plan to satisfy demand and develop a product for Internal Affairs in the future, which would turn the blog into a passive income stream. 

As of October 2017, the blog is still driving significant traffic and mailing list subscriptions despite there being no update since August 2016. However, I still ensure I respond to all emails sent to the Internal Affairs email address in a timely manner.