Jordan Brace

Marketing Specialist

‘Fro Fresh Entertainment

In 2014, I started a record label. During the three years which it has been active, I have written a detailed business plan to help position the company effectively and competitively in the music industry while also researching and developing multiple marketing strategies to grow and promote four artist brands and their upcoming music releases. This includes writing and forming several press kits for promotional use.

Additionally, I consult and act as a part-time manager for a Hip Hop producer based in Germany and an Alternative Rock band based in Swansea, UK – helping with their social media presence as well as optimising their websites.

An excerpt from our “about us” that I wrote:

“‘Fro Fresh Entertainment is an independent Hip Hop record label based in the UK which was founded on the 15th of January 2014. Our mission is to release great music while producing fantastic content to engage the fans. More accurately: we aim to create great Hip Hop music; lyricism, emotion, sensational stories and of course a superb backdrop, a bangin’ beat. While producing great music, we aim to establish a stable and successful career for each member of our family, ensuring artistic independence for the foreseeable future.” 

As of October 2017, I’m currently developing the ‘Fro Fresh Entertainment website when my schedule allows.